Company Overview

Highlight Trading is a leading and profitable firm in Ethiopia. Following its foundation in 2008, it immediately engaged in several areas such as telecommunications, manufacturing, import-export, high-end printing, and so on. In January 2019, the firm became a major distributor of Ethio telecom scratch voucher cards, selling 169 million voucher cards (VC) worth around 2.1 billion birr in a year. Highlight Trading is now a part of Ethiopia's digital transformation, having supplied 3050 EVD terminals to an agent network across the nation. Highlight Trading will strive to provide many use cases on the EVD terminal so that Agents may economically continue selling digital airtime in their area. Highlight Trading's previous success illustrates the company's ability to meet aims and objectives. Include history in a creative way


“we strive for excellence”


Our mission is, for our team, to excel personally and professionally while we empower every Ethiopian to have access to innovative, quality and affordable goods and services.


Creating a lasting and positive change, in the lives of people by being reliable and through innovation, excellence and quality service provision.


• Trustworthiness
• Innovative
• Customer focused
• Professionalism
• Teamwork
• Courage